LYO Boutique hotel

Location Greece, Mykonos

Architect Set.

Brands used Notre Monde

Sector Hospitality

LYO Boutique Hotel is privileged to be located above the heavenly and famous Super Paradise beach of Mykonos. Overlooking the infinite blue of the calming Aegean Sea, the contemporary and elegant 18 rooms & suites offers a scenic setting that truly encapsulates the essence of a Greek summer.

The Blue Ocean trays of Notre Monde used as wall art in the rooms are in complete harmony with the Cycladic color palette. Each one is unique and hand-created according to the highest quality standards. Check out what other color pallets and vibes Notre Monde has to offer for your project via

Lyo Honeymoon 5 Lyo Honeymoon 3 Lyo Superior Suite 05 Lyo Suite Jacuzzi 6 Lyo Suite Jacuzzi 3

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